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A Bit About Us

Greetings Logan Street Crew! (Side note…yes.. Logan Street Crew is the most fitting name all of you reading this page. The original Logan street Crew was a collection of our closest friends in college, and our love and gratitude for those friends extends to each person that visits our site, reads the blog and takes even one idea home.) Now that we have that settled, I wanted to take a little time to introduce our wild and crazy family that is behind Logan Street. Jeff and I are parents to three crazy wonderful kids, both work full time, and, on the side, spent almost a decade remodeling a home. We recently built a new house and are working very hard to make it a home. You would think that because it is brand new there would be nothing to do. In fact, I think Jeff thought the same thing, until I started pointing around and we both came up with a huge list of fun projects to turn our new house into our forever home.

Jeff and Andi

Jeff and I in a rare child free moment

Jeff is a mechanical engineer with a passion for designing and building and the talent behind Logan Street Design Company. I would probably never tell him this to his face, but he is the smartest person I know. All I have to do is point out a new piece of furniture or describe a new shelf and he has the plans drawn and is building in the garage. Jeff loves to help people create and in his free time is drawn to the computer where he dreams up new and easy to follow plans that anyone case use to be a DIY master. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite of Jeff, which is why we work so well. I am social worker and love to write.... so the blog is where you will find me at Logan Street. Because we are a busy family with three young children I have lots to share about staying organized, fitting it all in and the tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Oh, and don't worry, I plan to share lots of fun stories and parenting fail moments, because life isn't always perfect, but it is almost always very funny around the West house.

Now, for a little history about our family. Jeff and I met in college. He was a “super senior” and I was a doe eyed freshman. Ok, maybe I wasn’t that innocent… but that is another story for another day. Long story short, we met 13 years ago and have been partners in the wild ride of life ever since. About two years after we said, “I do” we decided to start a family. This was such an exciting time filled with big dreams and nauseating innocence. I roll my eyes at our late night conversations that ended with statement like “our child would never sleep in our bed”. Man, were we wrong, so very wrong. Our sweet boy, Elliott was born in 2012 and immediately taught us that we could kiss all of those silly dreams, and sleep, goodbye.

Our Elliott man at 18 months

Because we tend to be go-getters, we decided to start trying to have our second child when Elliott was 10 months old. To our incredible surprise, we immediately became pregnant with our fire child, Madison. She came screaming into the world with red hair and a spark that cannot be contained. I quickly understood what tired really was, having a new born and 20 month old and really no idea what I was doing. At that point, we said ENOUGH.. We would never have kids that close again!

Madi being so very fabulous

Queue our third bundle of joy, Makiah. When Madison was only 11 months old we found out that I was pregnant with Makiah. There may have been a few tears…. But we decided we would survive, and we did.

The best surprise you could ask for - Makiah Logan!

Our life has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it. We love to play hard in the summer and football in the fall. We love to tackle projects together and believe we can accomplish anything we can put our minds to. We are so proud to be parents, Our kids are amazing, and smart, and challenging. We shoot to be our best, but some nights we still eat McDonald's instead of grass fed organic beef burgers. Ultimately, we are just like every other family. We just happen to know a bit about design, and can’t wait to share that with you.

Thanks for being a part of our crew and I can't wait to see you around Logan Street

- Andi

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