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Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs

This is one of those tools I didn't realize I needed until I used it the first time. My first encounter with this tool kit is when I made my first table top for an outdoor table. I always had a problem with the table tops not fitting tight and staying tight after I attached it to my base of a table. I have always used dowels and clamps and glue and waited for them to dry and then they would expand and separate. After I used the pocket hole Jig kit and realized how easy it was to use and joint table tops. Now I look back at what I have made in the past and how I can use these Kregs kits on shelving for blanket ladders, backs on chairs, bases, corners, the applications are limitless.


This Jig set has multiples to chose from, what I have shown are the ones that I use more often then the others. These I believe are the most cost effective purchase that I money well spent. There is the single that I use most especially when it comes to table tops because of the frequency that you install them on the table. The double is used for short pieces that are needed to be stabilized, i.e. blanket ladders and or short shelves. The plugs are great because they finish off the work. This is a great way to conceal the work that was done and also blend in hole used for joining pieces together. This probably gives you best finished look because you can sand down the plug and paint/stain it when done. The screws you will need to judge the length based on what you are doing.


To use the Kreg set all you will need in addition to this is a regular 12" clamp and a power drill. The double Kregs kit comes with the extension for the drive to sink your screws in, this is key or you will use a ratchet to drive the screw in with an extension (I have made this mistake of not being able to find mine).

The first thing to do when using the Kregs set is mark the location of your screws. be sure to mark them on the bottom of your piece because this will be hidden out of sight. When you are done marking you locations you will want to work from your from the first board to be joined and work you way out because the way these work and how you have to clamp the jig in place you want to work in the proper direction. After you have the boards marked clamp the pocket jig to the end of the board you sill set the jig from the edge using the following rules of thumb for material thickness.


1/2" thick material set it 1/4" beyond the edge

3/4" thick material set it flush with the edge of the wood

1-1/2" thick material set it back 1-1/4" from the edge


Next you will set the collar on the drill bit. For 1/2" material adjust the depth collar to 3-5/16" from the step of the bit. To drill in 3/4" set the Depth Collar 3-1/2" from the Step of the drill bit. . To drill 1-1/2" material set the collar depth to 4-1/4". To set the depth, simply slide the depth collar onto the loose drill bit shank. Then tighten the set screw to the bit. Drill your holes.


For screw selection use the following to guide you:

1/2" material use a 1" screw

3/4" material use a 1-1/4" screw

1-1/2" material use a 2-1/2" screw


Be sure to glue the seam and clamp your pieces together before joining the pieces. After you screw the piece in set your plugs into the holes. First put some glue into the hole and then place the plug into the hole. On the mini jig bottom there is a recess in it that you will use to line up with the plug and slid it into place. This takes some getting use to, but after you do it the first time it goes in like butter. Wait for it to dry and then sand smooth. When this is done it will give you the professional feel and look of professional grade work. The nice thing is that after you use this tool set the first time you will use it repeatedly on repair projects and new DIY projects you try and replicate at home.


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