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Cameras that will Keep People from Stealing your Amazon Prime Packages

If you are anything like our family, Amazon packages have permanent residence on the front porch, and we have had issues with someone taking our packages right from the door step! Even if you have not had this problem....Have you had a barking dog that needs a reminder to be quite? Do you want people to feel like big brother is watching them? Or just want to tell someone to get off your lawn! Well then you need one of these WiFi cameras asap! I like Nest products, so I have them featured on this blog for home improvements. However, the Amazon camera is a pretty close equivalent and if you want to test drive a camera before you make a huge investment, this would be a good one to use.



Nest Camera - Indoor - Black

Nest Camera - Outdoor - White

Amazon Camera


The nice thing is that both the Nest and Amazon cameras sync with Alexa and also have downloadable apps for your smart phone. You can view pictures or real time videos. They also store the live feed and pictures on your phone. One really cool thing about these cameras is that you can talk through them. (One vacation, we logged into my sisters Nest camera and talked to my brother in-law while he was doing yard work at home.... and of course we gave him a hard time for not being with us on the vacation!) The other nice thing is that these cameras are motion activated so they start recording with movement and don't worry, the infrared is great for nighttime recording. Sometimes we may have visitors at night that were not expecting...... like animals or people. This can be kind of creepy, but the camera can give you a sense of security because you will always know what is going on outside.

The usefulness of these cameras is almost endless! You can use them in a play room and watch your kids, by your front door so you can see who is there or when you have one of your many packages delivered, or even to tell when your kids are home from school. If you have a outside pet you can watch to see what they are doing when you are not home. If you have expensive tools outside this can be used to make sure that they stay put (I have had a weed eater walk off my property before). The only real issue that I have is that they plug in so you need to find a power outlet or get some extension cords. The nice thing is that you will not loose power unless you didn't pay your power bill.

Oh... and side note.... the Nest camera will also tie into other Nest products that you might have. I have the Nest thermostat which is a nice little device to manage the temp of our house throughout the day!

I hop this post helps in your decision to buy a Nest or Amazon camera. If you have any other ideas for how you have used these cameras please share in the comments below! Stay tuned and Lets Keep Improving! Jeff

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