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Get those Shelves Mounted!

When you build the Floating Shelves or the Mantel you will need this handy little mount. This is a simple mount used to create the illusion that your shelves are hanging without any visible hardware. With this design mount, your shelves or mantel will have the strength to hold a TV, or even more without crashing to the ground. This is a very simple build that you can do and is literally a mater of minutes to complete.

  • Step 1 - Buy Your Tools and Materials

A 2x4, nails, and glue is all you need. Really you can probably do without the glue, but if you want the mount to be bullet proof, I would use the glue for added strength. You can also replace the nails with screws. If you substitute with screws remember to pre-drill to prevent from splitting the 2x4


Tools required:

Miter Saw



Material required:

2x4, L=96"

2-1/2" common nails



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  • Step 2 - Measure and cut your One 2x4

Cut your Materials. One key is to verify the length of your shelf and where it is going, to ensure you have the correct length of mount. I have a couple of options to chose from below but you can also freelance as needed. You will want to make sure that for anything longer than a 2' shelf you hit 2 studs. To do this, measure out where you want your shelf and/or mantle (or if you have them built dry fit in place and mark the wall) to go. Then use a stud finder to see where all the good stuff is. If you do not have a stud finder (click here). I highly recommend using one to avoid electrical and also ensuring you are securely mounted in a stud. After you have done all that you should know how long of a mount you need and also where it will mount. And now, for the tough stuff.... back to cutting your one 2x4.

  • Step 3 - Nail on the Ends and Then Mount it

Glue and nail the short pieces at each end with 2 nails or screws. After that, your shelf or mantel mount is ready to place on the wall. Locate the mount on the wall where you want your shelf. This should already be marked where you wanted it and the studs should be located. If not, do this now. After this is done, hold up the mount in its location, place your level on top. Nail or screw one side (checking level while doing this and only one nail). Then move to the other side to keep and nail/screw this end. If it is still level, you have done a good job, and you can finish it off by adding another nail/screw to ensure you have 2 per stud.

  • Step 4 - Mount the Shelf or Mantel

Slide the mantel or shelf onto the mount and then use a couple of finish nails to keep it from sliding. Hammer them in from the top. Locate one at center against the wall and then a couple more on the legs that are on each end. This will ensure it doesn't go anywhere.






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